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Hot Water Bunbury - Installations and Repairs

When you have Hot Water problems you need a plumber fast!

Do you have problems with your existing hot water heater, like no hot water, lack of pressure or an excessive leak, call Bunbury Hot Water & Gas Now? Our experienced plumbers have the knowledge to fix ALL brands and models of water heater systems.

New Hot Water System Installations

Bunbury Hot Water & Gas can help you through the minefield of choices and help your work out what is the best hot water heater systems for you from the leading brands like Dux, Rheem, Vulcan and Bosch. Then expertly install your hot water heater systems, and take away your old system. Bunbury Emergency Plumbing, hot water system Bunbury, Bunbury Hot Water & Gas provide great value service on time every time.

Choosing the right Hot Water System for You

When you're looking to upgrade to a new hot water heater system, Bunbury Hot Water & Gas can help you make the best choices for your home and needs. Our technicians know the correct size of hot water heater system required for your home, family and lifestyle. We can also help you choose the system with the best recovery rate that is how fast it takes to reheats water from cold to suit your needs.

Bunbury Hot Water & Gas can supply and install a wide range of Hot Water Heaters and Hot Water Storage Systems

The average household uses their hot water heater many times, every day, it is important you select the most effective and energy efficient water heater for your needs. Bunbury Hot Water & Gas can supply and install hot water systems from quality water heater manufacturers so you can be sure that we have a product to best suits your needs.

Here are some things to consider for you new hot water system:

Gas, electric or solar?
Capacity of unit
Recovery rate required
Lowest running costs
Safety features required
How many bathrooms do you have in your home?
How many people live in your home?
How many children do you have and how old are they?
Do you wash your clothes with hot, cold or warm water?
Is your dishwasher connected to the hot water?
Do you have gas connected to your home? Natural or LPG?
How many years do you think you will be in the home?
Do you want an energy efficient and ecologically friendly hot water system?

All Hot Water systems have their pros and cons, here at Bunbury Hot Water & Gas we can give you the correct information to get the best system for your needs.


Our electric water heater range are both innovative and highly efficient and include both electric instantaneous hot water systems & electric hot water storage tank (cylinder) systems.

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Gas storage hot water system range is now more versatile and offers new heat efficient models with quick recovery that are highly rated for their energy efficiency. Our range also includes Gas Instantaneous / Continuous Flow hot water systems. High quality and performance at a very affordable price are reasons why gas is such a popular choice for reliable water heating.

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Instantaneous / Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

Energy Saving

Want to save money on energy bills?
Ask our technicians about how you can save money on your energy bills with the latest water heater technology like Instantaneous / Continuous Flow Water Heaters and Heat Pump Water Heaters.

With an instant water heater you'll never run out of hot water, or even if you are the last in the shower in the morning. You will always have hot water in your home with a properly sized system for your needs. It's a huge advantage over conventional tank water heaters.

Instantaneous / Continuous flow Hot Water Systems are 'on-demand' systems which mean you aren't storing hot water all the time. Not only can you have endless hot water, but Instantaneous / Continuous Water heaters are cheaper to run than conventional systems for equivalent usage because regular water heaters have to keep heating water on the off-chance you need it, which is very inefficient. With the Instantaneous / Continuous flow systems it only heats the water when you need it and that not only means lower energy costs, but it helps the environment too.

Instantaneous / Continuous flow systems can save the space because you don't need a storage tank.

Bunbury Hot Water & Gas can install a Instantaneous / Continuous flow water heaters from leading brands including Rheem, Bosch, Vulcan and Dux.

All hot water systems installed are covered by the manufactures warranties - a new Instantaneous / Continuous flow system should outlast a conventional water heater by many years.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heating is the latest technology in heating your hot water efficiently and is ideal for Australian environmental conditions. The hot water heater has been specifically designed to remove heat energy from the ambient air and storing in the water tank. In cold conditions a booster element is activated to ensure plenty of hot water is available, even on the coldest winter nights. This means that you use less of 'fuel' (gas or electricity) to heat your water because the sun provides most of the energy in terms of warming the air. The result in cheaper running cost year after year.

You maybe able to save even more with a range of promotions, government rebates and incentives to install an energy efficient heat pump water heater. Rebates can change quickly and at short notice, so contact Bunbury Hot Water & Gas for the latest details.

At Bunbury Hot Water & Gas we provide the best systems with professional installation that save you time, money and all backed up by satisfaction guaranteed service. Hot Water Bunbury and surrounds, Bunbury Emergency Plumbing, hot water system Bunbury all your plumbing needs covered on time every time.

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